Learning 4.0

Learning at the speed of business

Learning 4.0

Our value learning proposal

Our learning & development proposal is classified in four main lines of action that are complementary, and provide to our customers a global and innovative offer.

We develop training itineraries in different formats aimed primarily at professionals in the technological environment, both to cover technical knowledge, digital skills, personal skills and languages.

Online training and Social learning

We promote the use of online gaming platforms to achieve a high level of employee engagement and fostering social and collaborative learning.

Ad hoc technical training IT Bootcamps

If there is not the technological profile that you are looking for in the market, we select those whose are more similar and the ones able to learn, with the purpose of training them in a short time period, as a result, they will be 100% involved in your project.

Liquid Learning. Learning Hub

We use predictive platforms to offer customized training itineraries for all employees, thus optimizing the use of internal and external training resources.

4 steps process, to elaborate a solution to cover your needs:

Analysis of needs

Design and Planning

Program development

Evaluation of results

Our approach: Creating a culture of learning

We understand learning as a fundamental tool to provide a rapid respond  to business needs in an increasingly changing and demanding environment.

We should understand how we learn today in organizations, and what do we represent in our circle of learning.

  1. The first step is to identify talent within the organization, Subject Matter Experts (SMEs).
  2. Secondly, you have to find a link to share this knowledge, and looking for the engagement of a large number of employees.
  3. Thirdly, the knowledge generated within the communities must be extended to the rest of the organization.

Our approach: Contributing to the global learning strategy

We offer our customers a global approach when it comes to any kind of training solution. We seek that everything sum to the creation of a learning culture, and we design a formal action, in order to have continuity in the other two areas: social learning between equals and experiential learning, thus maximizing the impact.

Soluciones a medida RPS*:

Reproduce real work environments
Practice, format workshop
Social, environments collaborative and participatory

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