Ad hoc technical training

IT Bootcamps

Ad hoc technical training

If there is not the technological profile that you are looking for in the market, we select those that are more similar and the ones able to learn, with the purpose of training them in a short time period, as a result, they can be 100% involved in your project.

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IT Bootcamp

  • Our IT Bootcamps consist of an intensive learning program with new programming languages, based on the experience of Silicon Valley, focusing on those parts of programming with greater relevance and generating an atmosphere very close to the work environment.
  •   We foster a teamwork environment with a peer to peer methodology, creating a culture and attitude of continuous learning.
  •   We seek to attract and train talent to become the IT specialist that need your business, within 8-16 weeks.

3 Benefits your business can achieve:

Creating a new talent attraction channel tailored to the expectations of new professionals.

  Significant time and cost savings

Be a pioneer and a benchmark in the market, improving your employer branding

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