Digital Transformation

Technology and talent to foster new business models

Digital Transformation

What do we mean by Digital Transformation?

Digital transformation is understood as the search and creation of opportunities for our customers, caused by the irruption of technology and that will imply exponential changes in the business models of all sectors. We understand that the greatest difficulty for the CEOs of organizations is to balance the maintenance of the current business while developing  new disruptive models that guarantee the future of the company.

How can we help?

Those organizations that want to survive in this new era, should understand emerging new technologies as well as new patterns of human behavior when addressing the new needs of their customers and their employees

We provide an integrated global vision with 3 main lines of action:

Focus on customer

Definition of the overall digitization strategy

User experience design

Content strategy and optimization of social networks

SEO and SEO Strategy: on page and search engines

Creation of digital assets: Webs, e-commerces

Digital Talent and Agile organizations

Digital talent attraction

Development of talent, through innovative and effective learning solutions.

Creation of digital cultures focused on improving the employee experience within the organization.


Big data


Predictive Platforms

Internet of Things

Our Digital journey

In the 90's...

we joined the first digital revolution responding to the market shortage, offering PCs for professional use, assembled with the best components on the market and at very competitive prices

... We continue...

creating and offering agile and flexible solutions for the development of technological projects as well as attracting  and training the digital talent for our clients and that has been more than 20 years.

... 2015

we join the 4th digital revolution … offering the best solutions on Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Cybersecurity and Internet of things, that allow to optimize the management and security of the data of our clients.

We have transformed...

in a global company of services and technological solutions, helping our customers to face the challenges of the digital age, and contributing to the creation of new business models.

Our main pillars

Seek Agility

We strive every day to create much faster and agile decision models focused on responding quickly to customer needs and creating a unique customer experience.

Invest in Digital Talent and Technology

We  believe that the optimal combination is technology and human talent. We have added new technology tools based on Big Data and Predictive Analytics to many of our processes.

We have strengthened our team with professional experts in the definition of a global digital strategy, to make businesses grow while helping companies in their digital transformation.

Want us to call you?

Do you want to know how Grupo Digital can help you?
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